Dienstag, 24. April 2018

Berlin Tour News: website www.berlin-tour.net now online

We are proud to announce the arrival of our newly designed Berlin Tour international website readable in 20 languages. Discover Berlin, Germany on a guided private Berlin Tour.
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English: Berlin Tour
French: Tour de Berlin
Spanish: Tour por Berlín
Italian: Tour di Berlino
Polish: Wycieczka do Berlina
Czech: Prohlídka v Berlíně
Dutch: Berlijnse tournee
Portuguese: Tour em Berlim
Russian: Берлинский тур
Hungarian: Berlin túra
Danish: Berlin tour
Swedish: Berlin turné
Norwegian: Berlin tur
Greek: Περιήγηση στο Βερολίνο
Hebrew: סיור בברלין
Chinese: 柏林之旅
Japanese: ベルリンツアー
Korean: 베를린 투어
Arabic: جولة برلين

Berlin Tour Portrait

»Berlin Stadtführungen Sightseeing Tours« offers visitors lively and informative private Berlin City tours sightseeing through the old and New Berlin. 

The Berlin tour guide team consists of expert and committed Berlin city guides with many years of experience. Expert Berlin city guides in most common languages stand ready to greet guests in the German capital Berlin. 

The individual private Berlin tours are wonderful for national and international tourists, company outings, tour operators, travel agencies, hotels, coach companies, as a building block and supporting program for congresses, events, seminars and conferences, family trips, study trips, schools, school classes on school trips, senior groups, business - and private visits as well as small and large travel tour groups. 

 Berlin Tour
Discover Berlin, Germany on a guided private Berlin Tour.